Monday, June 7, 2010

MAJOR announcements concerning the Daley Gator

Announcement number one- This month, marks the two-year anniversary of the start of The DaleyGator! Thanks to all of the readers, the blogs that link us blogroll us, and who have been so gracious to Ed and I.

Announcement number two- Sometime this week we will exceed the 300,000 hits mark, this blog is growing and again, thanks yto all those who make it possible. I expect that 400,000 will fall before the end of the year.

The third, and biggest announcement is that on Wednesday at 4 PM EST my radio show on Chimpsy Radio will debut. Thanks to David Cholesterol for the opportunity, you can check out their entire talk lineup out right here!

If you care to chat about the show, before or after look here for the chat, check out the Facebook page here!

I am excited about this and hope to hear from y’all, give me feedback, I will appreciate it!