Sunday, November 15, 2009


A fantastic video and post from the Blogprof

The biggest threat to liberty today is not China, or Russia, or communism. It is the monstrosity that the federal government has grown into. It needs to be starved back down to size. High time that states exercise their rights.
This is why remembering what the constitution says is so important to slowing down, maybe even stopping Obamunism. More information here!

Nullification: When a state ‘nullifies’ a federal law, it is proclaiming that the law in question is void and inoperative, or ‘non-effective,’ within the boundaries of that state; or, in other words, not a law as far as that state is concerned.

History of Nullification: While the media generally portrays nullification as being solely aligned with the efforts of the nullifiers of the South and the Civil War, this is certainly false, and reeks of misinformation. Nullification has a long history in the American tradition and has been invoked in support of free speech, in opposition to war and fugitive slave laws, and more. Read more on this history here.
In 1798, the legislatures of Virginia and Kentucky approved resolutions that affirmed the states’ right to resist federal encroachments on their powers. If the federal government has the exclusive right to judge the extent of its own powers, warned the resolutions’ authors (James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, respectively), it will continue to grow – regardless of elections, the separation of powers, and other much-touted limits on government power. The Virginia Resolutions spoke of the states’ right to “interpose” between the federal government and the people of the state; the Kentucky Resolutions (in a 1799 follow-up to the original resolutions) used the term “nullification” – the states, they said, could nullify unconstitutional federal laws.
Again, we should spare no efforts to actually use the Constitution and the clear intent of the founders to fight back the avalanche of Leftist legislation Pelosi an her ilk are preparing. Recall, it was Madison and Jefferson who argued the point in the Virginia and Kentucky Resoltions. Whether or not the Democrats, or RINOs wish to acknowledge it, the Founders believed in state sovereighnty.

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