Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Core principles"?

Dede Scozzafava, who ran as a Republican, in New York's 23rd Congressional District, took money from the Rerpublican Party, then, upon leaving the race, endorsed the Democtrat, Bill Owens, is now lecturing Republicans on "core values". Stacy McCain writes about this incredible hypocrisy at the American Spectator.

Say Anything blog has the understatement of the year about Dede Scozzafava: "Her calls for unity seem a bit weak after she essentially stabbed Republicans in the back by backing the Democrat candidate." A bit weak, indeed:

Scozzafava continues playing the victim, claiming her conservative opponents engaged in "vicious" attacks. She displays a spectacular lack of self-awareness: "We need leadership that's going to make sure that the party is strong going forward and that independent voices are heard from all ranks of the party." Right -- Dede was anointed as the Republican nominee in NY23 by a cabal of GOP insiders, and now she whines about the need to listen to "independent voices."
Here is the video

Her arguments for an inclusion of "independent voices" is a common one today. The argument from the David Brooks, and Meghhan McCain's of the world is that the GOP must be a "big tent" party to survive and prosper.I do kot mind having a party that welcomes disagreement and debate over tactics, ideals etc. That is healthy. However, the fact is that the GOP just like the Democratic Party must stand for certain core principles, if it is to win elections.

Our Founders had disagreements over varying issues, yet, they remained united on their principles. Their most basic principles, liberty, small government which obeys the people, the right to own firearms, national sovereignty, the right to self-defense, freedom of speech, and religion, and the most basic ideal, that our rights come from God, and cannot be taken or restricted by man our politicians, are the same ideals that Conservatives espouse today.

In other words, you cannot talk about a "big tent" GOP at the same time you are supporting ideals that run counter to both Republican ideals and those of Washington, Jefferson, Masdison, Franklin, and the other Founders.

The Big Tenters, if they were to get their way, would render the GOP into a weak, idealess party. Dede Scozzafava, and those who support her version of Republicanism, should stop whining and accept that they just are NOT Republicans. Sorry, but if you support card check, "reasonable" restrictions on firearms, abortion, Obamacare, higher taxes, and other Liberal ideals, you are NOT A REPUBLICAN!

The GOP can only stop the massive "change" that the Democrats are intent on forcing on the American people if we are strong and united. The Marxist utopian ideals that Pelosi, Reid,Obama and the rest are pushing so deperately right now will, if enacted, forever alter this nation. What, you thought Obama was joking when he repeatedly spoke of "fuundamentally changing America"? The nation our Founders created is at stake, our liberties, the liberties that are ours at birth, are at stake. This is a fight for the future of America. If the Left wins, we will become a nation that is over-taxed, over-regulated, indebted to and dependent upon the government for everything, and a nation that has no liberty, and no hope that our dreams can be reached. In short, America will die, slowly, painfully, and tragically.

The Dede Scozzafava's of the world ARE part of that struggle, but, sorry Dede, you are on the wrong side of the fight. You are not someone who embraces the vision of the Founders. You are someone who, ultimately, embraces the vision that your "core principles" whatever they are this week, are superior, and should be forced on the American people, whether they like it or not!

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