Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Will someone go buy Derrick Z. Jackson some Pampers please?

Derrick Jackson, columnist for the Boston Globe is nothing if not reliably predictable. He seems to write every column as if he has lost control of his wimpy, Leftist bladder. And his latest on Starbucks allowing people with licenses to carry firearms in their stores is more of the pants-wetting same.

IF STARBUCKS wants to run Wild West caffeine saloons, the least it can do is provide gunsmoking and nongunsmoking sections.
Oh, of course, right off the bat, Jackson plays the Wild West card. Every time a pants-wetting whiner writes, or talks about gun rights, they, at some point, babble about creating a Wild West atmosphere, where mass shootings will become rampant, and blood will run in the streets, and blah, blah, freaking blah!

The fact is Derrick, the states, 37 of them, that allow concealed and open carry, are SAFER, than states that do not. Violent crime goes down, and the Wild West scenarios? They never materialize. See, Derrick, those Americans who carry firearms, are very responsible, and safe. You can prattle and whine all you want, but, guns are not evil, and those who carry them legally? They are no threat to anyone. Criminals, on the other hand, tend to, you might want to sit down for this Derrick, break the law. Gun-free zones,which Liberal bed-wetters like you orgasm over, seem to be the only places mass shootings happen. And those shootings stop when armed police, or armed citizens arrive and stop the bad guys who, again, ignore laws.

You can go read the rest of Jackson’s whining, but, it is just more of the “guns are scary” idiocy the Left has been spewing for years. Jackson, of course, vows to not enter a Starbucks. Hey, fine with me. I do not really frequent coffee shops, but, now, I AM going to go visit my local Starbucks, and thank them for respecting the right to self-defense. And, I will feel much better about having coffee at Starbucks, since, from what I hear, it is going to be a whiny-bitching-moaning,-pants-wetting-Leftist-free-zone!

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  1. Not to mention, the "wild west" was hardly wild. Well, maybe on tv and in the movies ...