Thursday, February 4, 2010

When the State grows, the indiviudual becomes smaller

The Washington Rebel, one of my favorite blogs, has a great post on the direction our country has taken. Read it all, I especially liked this quote from Dennis Prager
That is what happens when the state gets bigger — you become smaller. The dream of America was that the individual was to be a giant. The state stays small so as to enable each of us to be as big as we can be. We are each created in God’s image
That IS the essence of the diiference between the Left (Collectivists) and the Right (Indivdualists). The Left's ideal of collectivism, if left unchecked allows, even celebrates such atrocities such as Stalin, Mao, Castro, Lennin, Pol Pot and others committed. To the Left, the individual is always less important than the "collective". And, though the Left speaks of "social justice" and is fond of proclaiming "power to the people" it sees the rights it speaks of as collective, never individual.